Our Main Activity mainly focus on Skill Training & Job oriented Programmes. The Academic Programmes is being given through IGNOU Community College & VEWS Institute(FIT&T) , the Programmes has been framed so as that rural people can also attain the credits and it is easily affordable by them. After the completion of theprogramme 100 % Placement Opportunity is provided to them in free of Cost. And it can also help them for their sustainable growth. Short Term courses has been designed to up skill their skills for both students & Employees. So as they can update the knowledge in the particular field according to their skills. And it depends upon day to day life with industry oriented need according to the Current & Future Technology. Some courses has been framed entirely for House Wives & School Drop Outs that can be a sustainable growth and additional income to their family and mainly it supports it lot. The courses were entirely Self Employment courses. This courses hasbeen given at a low cost and some courses free of cost.
Free of cost is given in way that the certificate must be Valuable and it has been given by NCVT. The courses through Ministry of Labour i.e., Modular Employable Skill, these courses. We got approved in 4 various places. Courses for eg. Tailoring , Embroidering ,Ornamental works , Computer etc., These courses given for 1 -2 months duration and through proper channel they get guidance for a Self Employment.EDP awareness Programmes has been given to College Final Year Students & to thePublics. And this basically leads to built a new Enterpreneur.