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The success story of Lordboy Cmt how he become a successful South Sudanese producer.

Lordboy Cmt is a young musical artist and producer from South Sudan and also owner and founder of Cmt Universal Music Entertainment Company.

Jan 30, 2023 - 00:19
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The success story of Lordboy Cmt how he become a successful South Sudanese producer.

Key Moments

Denis James Roko known professionally as Lordboy Cmt, (born 05/January/2005 , in Juba, South Sudan) is a singer, songwriter, producer, Music Entrepreneur , and actor.


Lordboy Cmt started his career at a young age and with the establishment of Cmt Universal Music Entertainment Company in 2021, he officially entered the field of music and production.

His nickname in cyberspace is "Lordboy Cmt" and he is known as the creator of EDM music.

Most of his work in music and playing has been in continuous collaboration with his friend Young Ttyl and Winter Trillionaire. These collaborations have been released in the form of several albums and singles.

Lordboy Cmt mostly produces music in the field of instrumental with hip hop and a few rap genres and has several examples of singing in his multi-year resume.

 In his personal life, he has always tried to create the bests in the field of music and co-producer of

TV Series . Most of his work is non-verbal, but sometimes he also works in the field of singing. if used in the right way.

He immigrated to Egypt in 2019, where he manages company activities and personal affairs.

In different fields such as acting in several different works such as drama films, we can see the name Lordboy Cmt in new and attractive roles as a young producer in the role of Perfect Strangers.

Lordboy Cmt activities in south Sudan became much more serious and he established the company and the ( Cmt Universal Music Records) record label, which was named after him.

This company was the prelude to Lordboy Cmt increasing progress and with the cooperation of Winter Trillionaire and Young Ttyl, he was able to establish various offices in Egypt, and South Sudan.

The company is now in its two years of establishment.


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